Del Campo-Buhach Colony baseball series continues: No fans


What started as a thrilling day at the ball park in Fair Oaks on Monday, punctuated by a game-winning slide at home, descended into regulatory chaos, with punishment handed down by the Sac-Joaquin Section for the Del Campo-Buhach Colony series Wednesday .

The section says fans will not be allowed when the series resumes after Monday’s action, when Buhach Colony fans attacked the game umpires over a disputed call after the game. And there’s a twist: Buhach Colony now leads the series, though they lost Monday’s game.

Del Campo baseball coach Kevin Dawidczik confirmed with The Sacramento Bee on Wednesday afternoon that the section will resume the series. Game 2 was postponed Wednesday as the section investigated, but the next game (and the third game, if necessary), will not be played at either school. Del Campo won Game 1, then suddenly had it forfeited because of a batting-practice session on the varsity field before the game.

Dawidczik said he believed CIF rules mandated that if the home team has a batting practice session, the other must be afforded the same luxury. The coach said he did not know if Buhach Colony had a batting practice. Dawidczik said he showed them to the junior varsity field and batting cage, in case they wanted to take pregame batting practice.

The San Juan Unified School District on Wednesday also announced that Del Campo, a member school, will have a protest on campus Wednesday afternoon at 3:45 pm arguing against the section’s decision to move the games. The section is under the umbrella of the governing body of the California Interscholastic Federation.

The series will be played at Laguna Creek High School on Thursday and then on Friday at Monterey Trail, both of the Elk Grove Unified School District. The Friday game is the “if” game of the series. And the added kicker: No fans will be allowed.

The move upsets the Del Campo side, since it wasn’t Del Campo parents or fans that assaulted the umpires after Monday’s game.

Del Campo won the game 3-2 over the Atwater school on a close play at the plate, a walkoff winner by Tyler Moore to score the sliding Luke Tuer. That led to Del Campo players celebrating and rushing the field at the same time a Buhach Colony coach charged toward home plate to confront the plate umpire.

The Buhach Colony emotions spilled into the parking lot, captured on video, when the umpires were confronted and attacked. But Del Campo had to forfeit that victory because it had a batting-practice session before the game, a violation of the CIF section rules, if the other team is not allowed the same opportunity. Buhach Colony was granted that opportunity, Buhach Colony played the game under protest.

Dawidczik, the Del Campo coach, spent Wednesday afternoon appealing the protest, arguing that he invited Buhach Colony a chance to have a batting-practice session. Buhach Colony arrived at Del Campo at 1:35 pm for a 4 pm start – plenty of time to take batting practice. Dawidczik hammered out bullet points to the section office in an emailed appeal to the forfeit, backed by his Del Campo principal, Greg Snyder.

In a statement from the section office, Del Campo was “found to be in violation of Sac-Joaquin Section bylaw 1502.1.a, the Section batting practice bylaw. It conducted batting practice on the field of play before the game, giving it a competitive advantage. That game has been ruled a forfeit in favor of Buhach Colony. ”

Dawidczik said his interpretation was that Buhach Colony was also going to have a batting practice. The coach said he is pained at the CIF’s decision on all of it – the forfeit, no fans and having to play the games in another district. The root of the forfeit is that Del Campo had batting practice during a last-period physical education class specifically for athletes.

The office section learned of Del Campo’s batting practice session through video shot by a Buhach Colony administrator, who sent the film to the governing office before the game. The office section has yet to make a public statement.


“The CIF made me forfeit,” Dawidczik said. “I’m just sick. Sick. I would never ever put my team’s integrity at risk or mine. I’m not out to cheat. I’m not an idiot. I’d never invite Buhach Colony here to use the fields to prepare and then take our own batting practice. ”

He added, “My biggest problem is the section didn’t have any meetings with coaches before this tournament to go over any of this. We let the umpires know before the game what we were doing. ”

Of the no-fan mandate, the section said in its statement: “We are sympathetic to supporters and parents from both schools, but based on the investigation, we felt this action was appropriate. The players were not at fault here, and they need to be allowed to complete their postseason. ”

The release concluded: “NCOA officials should be able to officiate games without physical reprisal. Fans may disagree with a call or ruling, but they are expected to behave appropriately. Verbal and physical abuse of officials will not be tolerated at education-based athletic events. ”

Merced Union High School District Deputy Superintendent Ralph Calderon told Shawn Jensen of the Merced Sun-Star, “The section took everything into account. They made their ruling, and those are the conditions we have to play in. ”

He added that the Buhach Colony fan who fought with the official after the game has been identified.

“It is not anything we want to represent MUHSD or (Buhach Colony). We will take all appropriate actions to make sure this doesn’t happen again. “

He did not elaborate on what actions would be taken against the fan.

“We want to be good sports when we win, but we also want to be good sports when we lose,” Calderon said.

Del Campo High School baseball coach Kevin Dawidczik, flanked by players Luke Tuter and Jordan Jacobson, and joined by Principal Greg Snyder, right, talks Wednesday, May 18, 2022, in Fair Oaks about his school’s protest of a Sac-Joaquin Section decision to require his team to forfeit its victory in the first game of its Division lll playoff series against Buhach Colony High School and ban fans from the remaining games. Paul Kitagaki Jr.

This story was originally published May 18, 2022 2:38 PM.

Joe Davidson has covered sports for The Sacramento Bee since 1988. He is a 14-time award winner from the California Prep Sports Writer Association. In 2021, Davidson was honored with the CIF Distinguished Service. He is a member of the California Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Davidson was a high school athlete in Oregon, where he participated in football and track.





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