Edge’s shocking babyface turn on WWE RAW was needed


Edge was shockingly exiled from The Judgment Day on last night’s episode of WWE RAW. This happened after Finn Balor was revealed as the newest member of the group.

While many fans saw Balor joining Judgment Day, no one saw him becoming the leader and kicking Edge out. However, it does make sense and helps with RAW’s current roster construction.

Edge: RAW’s new top babyface

First off, with Cody Rhodes being out of action, WWE needs a top babyface on RAW. While there are some candidates like Bobby Lashley, Riddle, and even Balor before he joined Judgment Day. None of them get the pop that Edge does when “You Think You Know Me” hits.

While abruptly turning Edge back to being a babyface potentially shines a spotlight on WWE’s inability to book top babyfaces, The Hall of Famer is the perfect guy at this point in time.

While Judgment Day turning on Edge was out of the blue, it can be explained well enough to make it sensical. They can have Judgment Day say they want to make a name for themselves on their own and not by relying on The Rated-R Superstar’s name value to do so.

The only worry amongst fans is that Judgment Day was essentially Edge’s baby. From the theme and logo to even cutting his hair. WWE put a lot of time into the group to suit the Hall of Famer. The question is will they do the same now with Finn Balor in charge?

Edge’s road to SummerSlam

In conclusion, while Edge being exiled from Judgment Day was abrupt and shocking. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It makes the faction more interesting as now fans want to know why they betrayed their former leader. They also get more heat for taking out a beloved legend as well.

This heel iteration of The Rated-R Superstar just wasn’t clicking, so now he’s back to being a babyface. WWE now has fresh and interesting potential for new feuds and rivalries. We could see another more interesting matches including Edge, AJ Styles and The Judgment Day as we head towards SummerSlam.

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