MJF’s worked shoot tests AEW’s relationship with fans


The biggest story coming out of AEW’s Double or Nothing weekend in Las Vegas was the future of its top heel, and arguably the top heel in all of pro wrestling, MJF.

In pro wrestling, reality and story line often mix. Usually, it’s pretty clear when real life is being used in a story line. But sometimes something happens where it’s not immediately known whether it’s real life or story line. What happened with MJF is an example of the latter.

Only two things are known for certain. MJF no-showed a fan fest on Saturday morning but did show up for his scheduled match on Sunday night. There are a million stories about what happened between the fan fest and the match. Depending on your source, a flight was either legitimately booked out of Vegas or it wasn’t. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter because he never flew home. Allegedly, MJF has privately voiced displeasure about his contract status with AEW and how much he’s being paid relative to other top stars and is hoping for a bidding war between AEW and WWE in 2024. But he’s also said these same things publicly as part of his heel character. Allegedly, he is greatly at odds with AEW promoter Tony Khan. But he’s also been known to be extremely close to Khan. If you privately ask around among those in AEW, either people aren’t talking (Khan on two occasions this weekend told us he wouldn’t be commenting on it) or they claim to have no idea what’s going on. Yet, despite that, somehow very detailed stories about MJF’s supposed issues are all over the internet.





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