NBA Finals: Scouts weigh in on Warriors vs. Celtics


The 2022 NBA Finals is a compelling matchup. It’s superior shooting against a generational defense, an established superstar (Stephen Curry) against a budding one (Jayson Tatum) and a series that, frankly, could be decided by who commits the fewest turnovers. Sports Illustrated asked two assistant coaches, one from the Eastern Conference and one from the West, to weigh in on this matchup.

Sports Illustrated: What is most dangerous about Boston?

East coach: Defensively is the biggest thing. Their length and their ability to switch, basically down the line, is incredible. They’re taking the three out of the game, kind of jumping up on guys. Especially when Robert Williams is in there, they seem to have confidence that, heaven forbid they get beat, they’re going to have protection at the rim. They’re just, to a man, really defending. Whether it’s [Marcus] Smart, obviously Tatum showed that he can play both sides of the ball, and then [Jaylen] Brown, but then [Derrick] White off the bench. They get after you with everyone.





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