The best tech gifts for Father’s Day in 2022


Father’s Day lands on June 20th, so you’ve got less than a month to prepare. No need to panic, though; you’ve still got plenty of time to settle on the ideal gift for your dad.

If your dad keeps up to date on the latest tech, you’ll certainly find something on this list to please him. If he’s already got his eyes on the latest Samsung tablet or Fitbit watch, you can surprise him with a niche gift like the Analogue Pocket. Or, if your dad doesn’t know his laptops from his smartwatches, you can grab a leather skin for his phone. There’s a little something for everyone here, so let’s dive in.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 +

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 + is a brilliant gift if your dad is familiar with tablets. It strikes the sweet spot between cost and power, so while you’re paying a little more here, you won’t be breaking the bank. It’s a great option if he doesn’t need the full functionality of a laptop, but still wants a device to browse the web, watch videos, or play games in a comfortable environment.

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Anchor 757 Powerhouse

If your dad constantly finds himself draining his portable power bank, consider upgrading him to the Anker 757 Powerhouse. This isn’t a subtle device; it’s big and heavy and certainly can’t fit in your pocket. However, it’s portable enough to take on his next camping trick and offers ports for every device, from a single 12v DC car outlet to 4 12W USB-A ports. It’s also perfect for temporarily running appliances at home in case of a power outage.

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TCL 55R646

Maybe your dad never misses a sports game or regularly sets down to stream the latest movies. The TCL 55R646 is the first TCL to include built-in Google TV, and it won’t break the bank. While other, more expensive TVs have crisp OLED screens, TCL’s LCD screen is more than enough for most people. It’s got all the parts you would expect from a modern TV, including 4 HDMI ports and a 4k screen.

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Analogue Pocket

If your dad was a teenager in the 90s, he probably owned a Game Boy or wished he did. While those days are long gone, you can stoke his nostalgia by getting him an Analogue Pocket, the modern equivalent of the Game Boy. While a workaround is to load ROMS via an SD card, the Analogue Pocket is designed to play physical Game Boy games. It’s time to drag out that dusty box of cartridges and boot them up again.

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Jabra Elite 4

Choosing the right pair of headphones is a challenging task, but the Jabra Elite 4 is a no-nonsense solution for the most practical of dads. While not much to look at, their IP57 rating makes them an ideal exercise companion. These aren’t for dads who need the best wireless earbuds; these are for those who want a good compromise between function and quality.

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There are a million different smart home gadgets out there, but it’s hard to know where to start. The TP-Link Kasa is a no-nonsense smart plug that is a perfect gift for the dad who still thinks the Clapper is the peak of plug technology. Pair it with a lamp, and you’ve got your dad an on-off switch that responds to voice commands. It doesn’t do much more than that, but it doesn’t need to.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

While a brand new TV is a great gift, sometimes you need an upgrade, not a replacement. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max might be a mouthful to say, but it’s an easy way to upgrade your dad’s TV without forking over hundreds of dollars. He’ll get the most out of it if he already uses Amazon Prime, but all major streaming services are supported.

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Dbrand Leather Skins

For the dad who appreciates style, Dbrand’s leather skins are bound to make him happy. These aren’t cases; they’re ultra-thin skins made out of full-grain leather that conform seamlessly to phones’ edges. They don’t provide any meaningful protection, so avoid them if your dad’s phone isn’t safe without a case. As they’re made out of full-grain leather, they will patina over time to create a well-worn, unique appearance.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is the perfect stepping stone into the world of fitness bands. It’s a lightweight product that doesn’t offer much beyond the basics. However, it’s designed for function, not form, so this isn’t really a drawback. Whether your dad likes to run, canoe, or swim, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 will give him a basic overview of his health status in a form-fitting, waterproof package.

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External Modular Bifold

Where would a dad be without his wallet? And if he is without his wallet, how does he find it? The Ekster Modular Bifold looks and feels like a regular wallet, but comes with an optional tracker card that is integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant. Think of it as a dedicated AirTag or Tile for wallets. The wallet itself is high quality, ideal if your dad doesn’t like to flaunt his tech publicly.


Get the Ideal Gift for Your Father

Whether he’s looking to upgrade to the latest smartwatch or wants to try out a new smart home device, there’s a tech gift for every dad out there. But don’t wait until the last minute to grab one of these items; you don’t want to be caught by a last-minute shortage.

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